About us

We are rooted in MS, but have expanded across North America. SIMSAGA isn’t just a name, it’s the lifestyle that we live. Late nights and early mornings isn’t just a saying for us. We cater to all kinds of entrepreneurs from starters to well experienced. Wisdom, one of the most important to attain to be a successful entrepreneur, is our main focus. We believe in sharing wisdom, sometimes not always free, but at an inexpensive cost because in the end you are our top priority.

SAGASIMS, our e-commerce store, focuses primarily on the Home and Garden(More products coming soon!!). We know that you live a busy life and seldom have the time to get everything you need completed. This is where we come in. 

Our online store is here for you to provide quality products we believe will only benefit to help make life easier and save money when possible.


We believe wisdom is key to whatever you want to accomplish in life. Our weekly newsletter provides information ranging from home decor, gardening and flowering tips, herbal teas and medicines, even financial tips(OF COURSE IT’S FREE) just submit your email and tap SUBSCRIBE.


We thank you for visiting and hope you continue shopping with us.